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Badminton Grip Powder – All your Questions Answered Here

If you entered this article is because you must already have an idea of what is badminton grip powder or at least have already seen someone use it, whether it is a professional on TV or a colleague of your club.

The technical term for this product is Magnesium Carbonate Hemihydrate, which aims to make your hands stop sweating so much, which is a big problem for many badminton players.

The most common solution to this problem is to start using a towel grip, which has more sweat absorption capacity than a rubber grip.

Many professionals use this type of grip not only because of this feature but also because they feel a greater comfort when playing with it, thus also developing more or their game.

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The problem is that even using the towel grip after a few minutes this also starts to get slippery, not being as effective as would be desired.

That’s where badminton grip powder comes in. This is often used to keep the palm of the hands dry and thus achieve a firmer footprint and not be afraid to apply its maximum strength in the smash without being afraid to drop the paddle for lack of grip.

The powder makes my hands very dry and they start to burn…

This is a reaction that several players complain about when using badminton grip powder and this usually happens to people who use it right away.
You should only use this product when your hands are a little sweaty to not have this kind of reaction.
Something that some players do is moisten the palms of the hands by wiping sweat from the arms with them, which is a very quick solution to perform.

Common Doubts About Badminton Grip Powder

Who can use it?

Anyone can use it but it is recommended to use it only if you also have a towel grip on your racket to increase the effectiveness because if you have a rubber it is most likely not to feel great effect.

Where can I buy?

Usually in any sports shop that has a good badminton section owns this product. If you do not know any retailers that are close to you, you can always buy from Amazon, which usually have a stock seller.

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Alternatives to Badminton Grip Powder

As badminton is not a very popular sport in most countries, especially westerners, arranging this product can be a challenge.

There are some alternatives you can use, but there are also some that you should not use.

badminton talcum

Things like flour or talcum powder should not be used because they simply will not work and will not have the performance you expect.

Some good alternatives to badminton grip powder are:

  • Chalk powder that is used in rock climbing/gymnastics/weightlifting (as you may imagine, rock climbing does not suit anything that slips off a cliff);
  • Chalk from a blackboard like the ones they have at school. Shred very well and the effect you will get will be identical to badminton powder;

In the 1st alternative, we recommend this product: 321 STRONG 300 Gram Loose Gym Chalk

gym chalk powder

Extra Tip

If you have tried these methods already and none of them worked, try using wristbands.
Its function is to keep the sweat from your arm from draining to your hand, which is the most common thing to happen and the biggest reason many players complain that their hands are always sweaty.

For wristbands, we recommend the products bellow, being great products, both in terms of design and absorption.



And so, did you know more about badminton grip powder, how to use it, who should use it, recommendations, alternatives, where to buy, etc …?

Leave in the comments below any questions or suggestions you may have been after reading this article.


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