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Best Badminton Racket Brands on the Market

Playing badminton is not something that needs a lot of money to be able to do it, but when you do it for some time and want to upgrade your equipment, a new racket can be an investment already bigger, and of course, the question arises: “Which Are the best badminton racket brands? ”

The question is not very easy to answer because although you do not know it, there are dozens of brands in the market, some better ones worse, but each of them already has several years of experience in the market.

See below our list and description of each of the brands.

List of the Best Badminton Racket Brands

Is there one that is the BEST of all?

Many people will say that Yonex is the best brand of all, without any doubt, and maybe even right, but do not have more argument that most professional players use their requirements.

This is because the vast majority of them are sponsored by Yonex, not paying for any equipment, and taking this into account it is natural to use them, even because their quality is great.

They are a company that always comes up with quite a few innovations in the market and joining all their investment in marketing have eventually become the leading brand and most recognizable.

So should I buy a Yonex racket and not see any more choices?

Of course not… There are other good brands, several with dozens of years in the market and although not so well known by the general public continue to have a lot of quality.

Let’s look at this list then.

  • Yonex

Starting with Yonex, they dominate the badminton equipment market, and the vast majority of professional players use their rackets.

They have several lines of rackets, each with a set of different characteristics, which makes it very difficult for a beginner to choose, but with attention and research, it is impossible not to find something that fits your style of play and preference.

  • Li-Ning

Another of the oldest and most popular brands is Li-Ning. Of Chinese origin, well known throughout the sports market for the different quality equipment they produce, badminton rackets are no exception and many doubles players use them because of their characteristics.

The problem is that if you are not from the Asian region, you may have trouble finding retailers of these racquets and they are also usually a little expensive.

  • Victor

One of the best badminton racket brands is definitely the Victor, which over the years has been growing in popularity, a lot because of the great quality of rackets that have been producing.

By sponsoring some professional players, they also get the general public to increasingly recognize their brand and realize the quality of their products.

  • Ashaway

Of British origin, Ashaway is a very big brand in this region with a lot of fans, and that has been gaining space between the European players over the years.

The Phantom series is the one that has stood out at the moment. It is worth noting that they are also a great manufacturer of strings.

Continue reading to see the rest of the list and know who are the best badminton racket brands…

  • Carlton

Another brand that is most recognized in Europe, especially in the UK where there are many badminton players.

They created a system in 2009 where they are committed to scientifically proving all the innovations they make in order to compete with their competitors and give certainty to the people who are interested in their products.

One of the good points of Carlton is that they have racquets for all levels of players and at a wide range of prices, from the cheapest to the ones that already have to make a financial effort to acquire them.

  • Wilson

Probably did not even know that they also produced badminton rackets, because their primary market focus and where they are most recognized is in tennis, with the famous “W” symbol.

Of North American origin, in the USA they are one of the leading brands, and over the years they have gained more and more recognition in this zone and a little throughout the world.

  • Karakal

A brand founded in Belgium, they are present in all racket sports (badminton, tennis, table tennis, squash) and having all this experience it is natural that they are also one of the best badminton racket brands.

They are not widely known by players outside the region but have a worldwide distribution, being present in clubs worldwide and with positive reviews of their products, including rackets.

And so, did you know more about what are the best badminton racket brands on the market?

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