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Best Badminton Strings – Make the Right Choice FOR YOU

We can already give a short answer to the question “What are the best badminton strings in the market?” It is impossible to answer …

Choosing a string will depend a lot on person to person and there are different types of questions that you have to ask yourself as a player to know which ones are best for you.

Let’s start putting some of them.

What is the Best Badminton Strings For Me…

Control or Power?

It is not a universal rule and it will always apply because it depends on the materials used but generally the strings that give more power will have less control.

All this is because of repulsion.

Thins strings have more repulsion, so they generate more power, but as the shuttle is less in contact with the string, this causes its level of control to decrease.

Thicks strings have less repulsion and because of that their movements will have less power, but their control will increase.

Usually, the thicker ones are used by beginners or intermediate players because they do not yet master the techniques needed to make the beat correctly, so they need more help in controlling, this being more important than being able to generate a lot of power in their beat.

More advanced or professional badminton players usually already use the finer ones, although this has some drawbacks as well as you will see below.

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Is There a Stringer Near You? Are You Willing to Spend a Good Money?

You may not have thought of it, but it’s something quite obvious.

As you’ve noticed in most cases, which should be yours because a beginning player does not want to know which are the best badminton strings, using a finer string will help you in general.

Keep in mind, however, that they will also be more fragile and less durable, forcing you to switch more regularly and have the expense of paying someone else to do so.

If you are a player with some strength in your smashes and playing regularly, you may have to switch monthly.

Professional players who use very thin strings sometimes do not even play a full game (they have the advantage and luxury of not having to pay because they are sponsored).

This is the biggest factor by which we claim that there are no “best badminton strings” and that the choice should be made based on you.

Are you willing to relinquish power in your Smashs?

Having shown you the cost you may have when choosing a thin string, your head should already only think about choosing something more durable and it will save you some expenses over time.

Even if this is true, be aware that if you are a badminton player with an offensive style and love to make a powerful smash, more than 0.69mm thick will make it almost impossible to produce that power.

For this type of player we advise you to use a string with a thickness of 0.68mm (if you still want to maintain some durability this would be ideal) or thinner yet starting to sacrifice more and more its durability substantially every time descends 1 millimeter.

Thicker strings also have a reduced sweet spot which makes it difficult to generate power in your smash, having to have a pretty good technique to consistently get to hit exactly that ideal zone.

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Best Badminton Strings by Objective


  • BG80;
  • BG66 Ultimax;
  • BG80 Power;
  • NBG98;
  • BG Aerosonic;


  • BG65 (Great for beginners);
  • BG65 Titanium;
  • NBG95;


  • NBG99;
  • BG Aerobite;

Professional players usually choose strings that give them a higher level of control because they can already generate enough power by themselves by applying the strength and skill they have acquired over years of experience.

In most cases we recommend two types of strings:

  • BG80P (Power) for players who like to be able to generate a good level of power and not having to change the string at each training because they have broken;
  • BG65 for beginners or intermediate players who just want and need to have a good level of control and do not worry about strings exchanges, which can be used for more than a year regularly without breaking in most cases.
BG 80


BG 65


If budget is not a problem or you just want to try and see the difference, an Aerosonic (will last very little time if it is a power hitter) or a NBG98 will be good choices.

But are there only YONEX strings?

It is easier to recommend strings of this brand because without a doubt they have dominated the market in Badminton for many years, however, if you want to choose another brand, try the VS850 from Victor.

It is equivalent to the BG80 and normally no player has any reasons for complaining, arguing almost always that it is great and that it is capable of delivering very good performance.

And then, have you learned more about what are the best badminton strings on the market, whether in terms of power, durability or control?

Leave in the comments below any questions or suggestions you may have been after reading this article.


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