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How to Win Badminton Singles [ Basics to Advanced ]

Winning in badminton singles is something quite different from a doubles game and that’s why many people are looking to learn some more tips.

The skill difference is most notable in singles, especially because of the size of the court that if well used by your opponent can seem immensely large and impossible to achieve huge moves.

[Guide] How to Win Badminton Singles


Simply put, the objective of all players is to maximize the rally and press the opponent until he makes a mistake and you use your winning shot to secure the point.

A game of singles is not just strength. The most important is speed and ability to move within the court in order to maintain balance and not be caught on the opponent’s foot.

badminton singles

Basic Concepts

There are some basic but important things to keep in mind for people looking to learn how to win badminton singles game, they are:

  • Badminton is a strategy game and it is important to go planning your game;
  • Always try to get the opponent to play to your strengths;
  • Explore the opponent’s weaknesses (usually is the backhand, being harder to return the shuttle in the best conditions);
  • Have confidence in your game, if you approach it with a defeated mentality, then you will probably lose;
  • Explore all areas of the opposing field, causing it to unbalance and increase the chance of error;
  • Make feints and deceptive moves whenever you can and find it useful;
  • Keep your game style dynamic;
  • Try pretending routines and then change to surprise your opponent;

Still in Training …

Many players greatly devalue the workout but this is quite important for people looking to know how to win badminton singles.


The first step is to try to strengthen your weaknesses. Not all plays have to be offensive but it is important that you make good returns without giving a point of grace to the opponent.

Getting accustomed to pressure

Badminton is heavy on strategy as it has been said and this can become very difficult to do when you are in a situation of pressure (not to mention that rallies tend to be fast).

A good way to get accustomed to and learn to play better under pressure is to play a handicap purposefully.

This can be done in several ways, from:

  • Play against someone stronger than you
  • Start with punctual disadvantage;
  • Play against 2 or 3 players at once;

So you will create routines that enabled you to decide what to do faster and thus have a more efficient game.

Physical Fitness

The physique of the player is not as critical as in other players, especially in terms of strength, however, agility and flexibility are two key points for being a good badminton player.

Take the training with that in mind and make your body work harder and harder to reach new heights.

Tips During The Game

One of the tips that are most given to beginning and intermediate players is to always return to the center of the court.

This tip is not totally correct because if you do it you will not be having an efficient move.

Two specific cases are:

  • When doing a net shot, do not return fully to the middle but just take a small step back, this is because if the net-shot was done well, the chances are that the opponent will return with another short beat or else he will do a lift defensively and this may be the chance to send out his winning shot;
  • If you make a straight clear to the bottom of the opponent’s field you should not go to the center, but rather stay a little to the side where you were, because if your opponent returns the shuttle ahead, the way the shuttle has to go is bottom. If you make a cross-beat, even though you are farther away from the place, the beat will also be more time-consuming, so you have more time to get there;
  • Never smash when you do not feel confident that you can do it correctly, and should only be used as a “winning shot”. When you do not feel complete confidence you can use a drop shot that, if well done, can deceive your opponent and cause him to lose balance or even lose the point;

The size of the player can also greatly influence what you want to do and increase the odds for players who are trying to find out how to win badminton singles.

If the player is low, exploring the ends of the court will be advantageous because he has shorter limbs, but if the player is tall then it is preferable that he sends towards the throat because it will cause him to have to crouch, drives at the network height.

how to win badminton singles

Extra Tip

Do not get frustrated during the game and always stay calm.

There are two situations that make players lose their cool:

  • They can not make a certain move and feel that they can not do it in that game;
  • You are a player that likes a fast game and your opponent will stop the game a lot;

Not staying calm will make you not make the best decisions.

And so, did you know more about how to win badminton singles, even if you just know the basics or you are an advanced player?

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