li ning woods n90 ii review

Li-Ning Woods N90 II Review

The Li-Ning Woods N90 II was launched a few years ago in 2012, being at the time one of the most talked about rackets in the market because it was made following the specifications requested by the best player in the World, the Chinese Lin Dan.

With this in mind, it is already easy to guess which are the basic specifications of this racket.

It is made for players with an offensive game style, head heavy balance and has a very stiff shaft, having some similarities with the Z-Force II.

If you have never heard of this brand it is natural because it is not nearly as well known as YONEX or Victor but over the years has been gaining its space, both amateur players and many professionals who use them fairly regularly.

In terms of design is quite beautiful, being red and then has some shades of white and gold reminding the colors of China.

See below your specifications given by the manufacturer:

Brand Li-Ning
 Flex Extra Stiff
 Weight / Grip Size: 85-89g (3U/W3)
 Color Red/Gold

All About Li-Ning Woods N90 II (Review)


Something that this brand has always failed was to provide specific information about the specifications and technologies used in their rackets but even then let’s analyze what is easy to know.

Stiff Shaft and Head Heavy

This racquet has as main features the fact of having a stiff shaft and also be head heavy in terms of balancing.
This makes the beats, especially in smash, have immense power when done in the right way, something that is greatly appreciated by players with a very attacking game style.

However, if you are a player with a weak pulse or forearm, you may experience great difficulties in handling them, quickly getting in pain.

Many players can not adapt to this type of racket and its rigidity. The increase in power in your smashes may not happen and even lose power if you can not perform the move in the right way.

It’s easy to see her potential by looking at Lin Dan’s old performances but it’s not for everyone, especially if she’s always played racket with a flexible shaft.

Isometric Form

It has an isometric structure, which increases the sweet spot of the racket, allowing greater control and power without having to hit exactly in the middle.

woods n90 ii

Now we’ll look at your performance across the various types of bids and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.


Good performance on the clears, you can easily send the shuttle to the back of the court without any loss of control.
This sensation was expected already and produces a great sound in the contact.

Drop shots

Head heavy rackets always give that feeling of comfort when making this type of movement, simply using the weight of the head to send the shuttle to the desired place and with a good trajectory.

For some players it may not make much difference but for others, only that feeling gives much more confidence to your game.


It should not be new to you that this racquet can deliver enough power and make your smashes very fast.

The Li-Ning Woods N90 II definitely will not do miracles by itself and make it a top player when you do not even have the technique required to effect this move.

It is important to emphasize again that the characteristics of the racket make it not for any player and also makes it easier to get tired in very disputed games.

li ning n90


It is not a slow sweep and you can have a consistent defense, however, if you are a doubles player you will probably need a faster racket.

The weight on the head makes it harder to make those quick and short moves and you will only be able to do them during an entire game if you have a strong forearm and wrist.

The same applies to net-plays too. Do not lower the racket too much because it will be difficult to maintain a high and fast level of play to have whenever you lift the racket again.


The Li-Ning Woods N90 II is a great racquet that can still compete with most of the top racquets.

Made for offensive players who like to play preferentially on the court floor, it is not just for that purpose but could also have a higher level of versatility, requiring you to have a very good technique to tap into your full potential.

The price is usually high, depending also on the retailer, not least because they are not very sold outside of Asia, which causes prices to rise outside that region, however, if you decide to buy it you will not be disappointed almost certainly.

And so, did you know more about this racquet with our Li-Ning Woods N90 II review, since its characteristics, if it is good to attack, defend, price, etc …?

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Li-Ning Woods N90 II Review
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