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List of Badminton Tactics [ Begginer and Advanced Level ]

Badminton is a very tactical game and is having a great performance in this part that you can consistently beat your opponents.

When the players reach a level in which in technical terms almost all are very comparable it is in the tactics that they can be superior.

The same happens when you are playing against an opponent superior to you in terms of technique and strength but if you have a good strategy, avoid as much as the opponent exploits your weaknesses and you end up getting unbalanced your opponent, then you have a real chance to win.

See now what are some of the best badminton tactics that you can perform and thus substantially improve your game.

Best Badminton Tactics to Use

Float to Center Base

One of the most basic badminton tactics and possibly the one that is taught to you first when you start playing badminton is to always return to the center of the field every time you do a stroke.

This advice is correct but incomplete because it does not apply in all cases nor should you always go to the CENTER of your field.

Two simple questions:

“When you do a net shot is not it more likely that the opponent will respond with another net shot because it’s easier?

If he lifts off the shuttle, will it have to go very high, giving you enough time to back off and make an easy stroke, right? ”

Having all this in mind, returning to the center does not make much sense and the most correct would be to just take a small step back but stay close to the net thus facilitating more your response and if the opponent miss, you can even make a net kill.

Badminton tactics center of ncourt

Your position should always be central but not in the center.

  • If you put the shuttle on the left or right side of the opponent, you should be a little closer to that side because if the opponent makes a direct stroke in front it will be shorter and faster while it is crossed you will have more time to get there because it will be longer too;
  • If you have played to the back of the court, you can go to the center or be slightly behind that center;
  • If you make a net shot you should stay closer to the net;

Although these are the preferred placements, often they are not possible to reach because the game is quite fast and dynamic.

Do not be obsessed with always being in the best position possible, but in prioritizing the split step, because it will leave you more balanced and allow you to react faster to the opponent, no matter where he sends the shuttle.

Focus on the Backhand of the Opponent

99% of players will not be able to play as well with backhand strokes compared to forehand…

It is based on this fact that you should prioritize sending the shuttle to that side of the opponent in order to try to force the opponent’s mistake so that you can capitalize on it with a point in your favor.

The level of your opponent will influence the advantage you will have under him when using this type of tactic.

Be aware that you should not always do the same and become predictable because otherwise you will decrease your advantage when using this tactic and may even have the opposite effect.

badminton backhand shot

Give Depth to your Game

Getting your opponent to move a lot in the field is more effective as a method of pressure than trying to do it through constant force and smashes.

If your opponent makes a drop shot, take a net shot preference to get your opponent to quickly reach the net to respond and then mix up some deceptions to unbalance the opponent.

Often when older and experienced players play with younger players, if you are aware, you will notice that they often do not move much in the field but they make the opponent run like hell… It is an excellent example of this tactic.

Deception Shots

As already mentioned, one of the basics of badminton is the constant attempts to unbalance the opponent, and a great deception shot can do wonders to fill this foundation.

One of the most “basic” is pretending to do a net shot and then do a quick backstroke and with the wrist send the shuttle to the bottom of the court thus forcing your opponent to change their trajectory and movement completely.

Another deception shot also quite used but even harder to do is a cross net shot, where the player pretends he will just hit the shuttle straight to the net but then lower the racket and with the rotation of the forearm, he makes a tense and crossed stroke next to the net.

Badminton deception

Play with the Opponent’s Height

The height of the opponent will also greatly influence the way you should play against him.

High players tend to have an advantage because they have a huge reach without much effort, but there are quite a few low players that are great and win tournaments very much times.

So if your opponent is lower than you:

  • Avoid making drives because they will be easier for him to respond to because he is at a comfortable time;
  • Give preference to net shots and drop shots to force the opponent to move quite a bit;

If your opponent is taller than you:

  • Abuse of the drives because your opponent will have to lower enough and do enough overhead strokes that are easier to miss;
  • Make smashes to the area between your opponent’s chest and throat because he will have to try to respond in a very complicated way to respond efficiently;

All these strategies are to be applied in singles games because doubles games have much simpler tactics and are based more on a direct and aggressive game, always trying to be reactive to this in the best way avoiding giving easy opportunities to score points.

And so, have you found out more about what are the best badminton tactics for singles players, being a beginner or an advanced player?

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