yonex astrox 88d review

YONEX Astrox 88D Review

In this article we will make Astrox 88D review, one of the main and most popular rackets of YONEX in recent times, having been launched in early 2018 along with another racket very similar to this, the Astrox 88S.

Both rackets were launched as a pair of rackets, having as representatives one of the main doubles of the present time composed by Kevin Sanjaya and Marcus Gideon.

The Astrox 88D is represented by Gideon, and he usually goes to play more to the bottom of the court and this is the position that YONEX has targeted with this racket and its characteristics.

They were received with great receptivity by the professional players in the world circuit who finally tried and started using one of the versions of Astrox 88.

Here at Astrox 88D review, we will show you what some of the features of this racquet are, implemented technologies, pros, cons and also compare with the 88S version.

Ready? Let’s go then.

Quick note: D stands for dominance and is best suited for players playing deep down the court, S stands for skill and is best suited for players playing alongside the net.

All About YONEX Astrox 88D Review

See below your specifications given by the manufacturer:

 Flex Stiff
 Shaft H.M. Graphite/Namd
 Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G3,4,5
3U (Ave.88g) G4,5
 Color Ruby Red

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Frame Design and Flex Point

The Astrox 88S was created with more flexibility throughout the head of the racquet in order to be able to hold the shuttlecock longer and thus also increase its accuracy, unlike the D version only in that level of flexibility in the upper half of the head.

The 88S is also 5mm shorter than its twin, giving it in theory even faster movement for the player who is next to the net.

Rotational Generator System

Many “physically weak” players sometimes complain that some head-heavy balance rackets become too feel too heavy in a longer game or training and they become more tired or even difficult to control.

It is for this reason that this system has arisen, which consists in placing different anchors of weight by the racket, namely in the upper head of the racket, in the inferior part of the head of the racket and at the end of the handle.

In this way, the transition between movements is more controlled and it is not necessary to have so much force to hold the movements and to be able to change almost instantaneously to the next one.

yonex astrox 88d

“Namd” Graphite 

Namd is state-of-the-art graphite that has been introduced in the highest line of Astrox racquets, making it more flexible and snapback faster, giving a more compact and powerful swing, mostly noticeable in smashes.

Unlike the Astrox 99, which was later launched, which is composed entirely of this material, the 88S and D have only their shaft made of “Namd”.

Nanometric Technology

By using this type of technology, they can make the shaft thinner than conventional, thus increasing the speed of the swing and the impact force with the shuttle.

It’s all a question of weight loss and aerodynamic gain, and only the strongest players can feel this difference in their movements. You have to be able to pull as hard as you can with your arm.

Isometric Form

By having this form, the spacing between the ropes is the same, which makes your beat is much more consistent even when it does not strike precisely in the center of the racket, thus significantly improving its control.

A badminton game is not just strength and smashes. If you do not have consistency in your game, you will lose all points even without the opponent using a smash.

Other features we can point to are:

  • Aero + Box frame;
  • Built T-Joint;
  • Slim Shaft;
  • Energy Boost Cap;

Now we’ll look at your performance across the various types of bids and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.

astrox 88d doubles



Being this a racket made for the players who play more in the bottom of the court it is natural that the clears are done practically without any effort and with enough comfort because it feels well the weight of the head of the racket in the movement in spite of the technology of distribution of weight and anchoring implemented.

A racket that does not make this simple but fundamental movement in badminton is as comfortable as possible will always be a racquet of inferior quality, which is not the case with the Astrox 88D.

Drop Shots

The aerodynamics of the racquet is not as good as the S version, because it is 5mm longer and also has less flexibility in the racquet head, which makes control of these small short and delicate movements are not always the easiest to do.

Despite this, its performance is quite good and if it is a player who can use the proper technique to make a good drop shot you should have no problem executing them.


This racket was created in order to have better performance in smashes and this is what the great majority of players report after having tried the Astrox 88D and also the most prominent advantage they attribute under the Astrox 88S (in case they have tried both).

Everyone knows that in a doubles game having quick and powerful smashes is very important to get the opponents double and gain more points.

With that in mind and the fact that Marcus Gideon has used this racquet… It is more than proven that it is good enough for any player, even the best in the world approve of it.


Here, if we compare with the Astrox 88S, it will be losing as normal.

It is a longer and less flexible racket. It was made to increase the strength of your movements and not to be the top in terms of speed and versatility of handling, but of course, this is just comparing with your “twin sister”.

Being a racket specially made for double players it remains fast and versatile and you will hardly feel the need to change rackets after starting to use the Astrox 88D.

YONEX Astrox 88D

yonex astrox 88d

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Being a doubles player or even singles, this is a very good racket that has been tried and used in several tournaments by the most diverse players in the world circuit, thus having its quality attested by the best.

As it is a racket at the top of the YONEX range, it will naturally be expensive, not being for anyone, but if you have the possibility to buy it, rest assured that you are making a good purchase without any doubts.

And so, did you know more about this racquet with our Astrox 88D review, since its characteristics, if it is good to attack, defend, price, etc …?

Please leave a comment below or comment on any comments you may have after reading the article.

YONEX Astrox 88D Review
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