yonex astrox 99 review

YONEX Astrox 99 Review

We’ll be doing an Astrox 99 review, which was launched by Yonex in late 2018, with most people pointing to it as the successor to one of their most popular rackets ever, the Yonex Z-Force II.

The Astrox line was announced as being more focused on power players who wish to have a game more framed in that style, hence also the tendency for most of the rackets to be a head-heavy balance.

At the time it was released much doubt arose whether it would be good enough to have the PRO players to choose from the Astrox 88S and 88D that had already been introduced to the market a few months and successfully.

The way they decided to make the racket more popular instantly was to convince Kota Momota to use it in the world championships of that time, which he eventually emerged victoriously.

In the Astrox 99, we will highlight the positives of the racket, the negatives, compare it with their predecessors on the same line and try to recommend for who is this racket.

Ready? Let’s go then.

All About Astrox 99 Review

See below your specifications given by the manufacturer:

 Flex  Stiff
 Shaft H.M. Graphite/Namd
 Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5,6
3U (Ave.88g) G3,4,5
 Color  Sunshine Orange

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Nanometric Technology

By using this type of technology, they can make the shaft thinner than conventional, thus increasing the speed of the swing and the impact force with the shuttle.

It’s all a question of weight loss and aerodynamic gain, and only the strongest players can feel this difference in their movements. You have to be able to pull as hard as you can with your arm.

Built with “Namd”

This was the first racket that YONEX made entirely of “Namd”, which is the next-generation graphite, which in theory increases the shaft’s snap speed when the racket is thrown back, resulting in more powerful smashes.

Other rackets on this line already had this integrated compound, but it was usually only used on the racket shaft and not on the entire racket shaft.

yonex astrox 99 review

Isometric Form

By having this form, the spacing between the ropes is the same, which makes your beat is much more consistent even when it does not strike precisely in the center of the racket, thus significantly improving its control.

A badminton game is not just strength and smashes. If you do not have consistency in your game, you will lose all points even without the opponent using a smash.

Rotational Generator System

Many “physically weak” players sometimes complain that some head-heavy balance rackets become too feel too heavy in a longer game or training and they become more tired or even difficult to control.

It is for this reason that this system has arisen, which consists in placing different anchors of weight by the racket, namely in the upper head of the racket, in the inferior part of the head of the racket and at the end of the handle.

In this way, the transition between movements is more controlled and it is not necessary to have so much force to hold the movements and to be able to change almost instantaneously to the next one.

Other features we can point to are:

  • Aero + Box frame;
  • Built T-Joint;
  • Slim Shaft;
  • Energy Boost Cap;

Now we’ll look at your performance across the various types of bids and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.

kento momota racket astrox



Nothing was found to point you regarding its clear performance…

The movement is fluid, controlled and you can send a proper clear (high and strong) without much difficulty, this being the expected result of a racket made for top players.

Drop Shots

As the Astrox 99 is a head-heavy balance racket it is expected that the drop-shot will give a feeling of comfort and naturalness when only using the weight of the racket for the movement to be fluid and precise.

In this aspect, the racket takes maximum note.


In smashes it is possible to feel the power as it does not have much flex in the shaft gives to produce a smash with good speed, nevertheless, the distribution system of weight implemented to give “too much stability” to the racket.

The feeling that many players who are accustomed to playing with head-heavy rackets have at the time they make a smash is a little different with this racket so it may take a while until they get used to it.

Comparing with the Astrox 88D may lack a bit more power, but if it has the necessary technique, it remains a perfect racket for a player with an aggressive game style.


Some players complain that at this point the racket drags a little in the movements, not being thus the best racket in this aspect.

It is clearly not as fast as some made mainly for doubles players, who always look for a racquet that can deliver quick and short strokes with precision, however it is not that bad either.

If playing especially singles will not find any disadvantage likely in defensive terms. If you like to play doubles as well, try opting for the 4U version (lighter) instead of the 3U and you can still feel a significant difference in the 5 grams to less weight.

Yonex Astrox 99

yonex astrox 99 review

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This is a racket made for intermediate/advanced level players, you can feel it well when playing with it, and you need to know how to handle it to use it fully.

In the case of more beginner players, we do not recommend it for this factor and also because it is a very expensive racket. There is no need to spend so much money if you are not ready for it yet.

But if you are already a more experienced player, look for a well-balanced racket and able to serve players like Kento Momota, so we recommend you give it a try and try it.

Is it worth buying the Astrox 99 instead of Astrox 88S or 88D?

It is a matter of personal taste, but the Astrox 88D seems to deliver more power in the smashes and the 88S is quite similar to the Astrox 99 but a bit faster and aerodynamic.

If you have the possibility to test the three before you buy, do so because you will know much better which racket to choose and which is better for you as a player.

And so, did you know more about this racquet with our YONEX Astrox 99 review, since its characteristics, if it is good to attack, defend, price, etc …?

Please leave a comment below or comment on any comments you may have after reading the article.

YONEX Astrox 99 Review
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