yonex duora 77 review

YONEX Duora 77 Review

In our Duora 77 review, we will tell you a bit more about this racket, which has been out for a few years and still maintains its level of popularity among some target markets.

This racket often ends up being indicated as a “cheaper alternative to Duora 10”, which is one of the most popular and used rackets of the last years, but we consider a little exaggerated this comparison between both rackets that although they are part of the same series have very different differences.

On a professional level among the world’s top players, this was never a racket that was used by many players, except for a few exceptions, especially among female players but it is by this factor that it is seen more as a beginner / intermediate level racket.

Here at Duora 77 Speed review, we will show you what some of the features of this racquet are, implemented technologies, pros, cons.

Ready? Let’s go then.

YONEX Duora 77 Review

See below your specifications given by the manufacturer:

 Flex Medium
 Frame H.M. Graphite/NANOMETRIC ?
 Shaft H.M. Graphite
 Weight / Grip Size: 3U (Ave.88g) G3,4,5
 Color Red/White

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AeroBox Frame

As already mentioned above, this racquet has two different sides, each using different styles of frames and are also made of different materials thus giving more emphasis to power on one side and control of the other.

This concept was quite innovative and in summary, was a success.

You can not notice an absurd difference that obliges the player to always know which side is hitting the shuttle but is enough to give that small advantage to players accustomed to the racket and who always know which side they are playing.

Dual Optimum System

In conjunction with the design difference on both sides of the frame, it’s material composition is also different, thus theoretically enhancing each of the faces differently.

While the forehand uses a material called Nanometric DR that helps increase the contact time between the shuttlecock and the strings in order to improve their control, the backhand uses a material called Ni-Ti Fiber that is reported to significantly enhance the repulsion of his movements, thus being a help since this is the weaker side of all players.

All of these side differences turn out to be imperceptible for a beginning or intermediate player, so do not be obsessed about whether you are using the “correct” side on every move.

yonex duora 77

Isometric Form

By having this form, the spacing between the ropes is the same, which makes your beat is much more consistent even when it does not strike precisely in the center of the racket, thus significantly improving its control.

A badminton game is not just strength and smashes. If you do not have consistency in your game, you will lose all points even without the opponent using a smash.

Other features we can point to are:

  • Aero + Box frame;
  • Built T-Joint;
  • Slim Shaft;
  • Energy Boost Cap;

Now we’ll look at your performance across the various types of bids and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.



The clears are controlled and with the right technique you can put the shuttle in any position of the bottom of the court, nevertheless, it is not of the best rackets…

Despite being a 3U, it is a bit heavy (some consider it to be almost 2U) which can start to wear the player in a game or a more extended rally and also having an even balance ends up not feeling the weight of the racket head at help at the time of the clear, something that can facilitate its execution a little.

Drop Shot

Our opinion regarding drop shots is very similar to the previous one given in the clears.

With the proper technique, you can do a good drop shot with some ease, however, you may feel that something is missing to feel totally comfortable and confident when performing this movement.


This racket was not made for powerful smashes, anyone will agree to this, so to get the most out of Duora 77 in this aspect you should adapt your style of play and instead focus on both speed and power in your smashes , think more about placement and how you can hamper your opponent’s work to the fullest.

Many intermediate or even professional players can excel without having an extremely aggressive style of play. Be smart in your choices and you may find there an advantage over your opponent.


We already said that Duora 77 is a bit heavy and although it is possible to defend with it, one notes the drag a little.

If you play more games in singles you will not notice so much difference of this for another lighter racket, but in double games, any extra speed that can get out of the racket better because it is a game much faster and with less distance between players.

yonex duora 77

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We can not recommend your purchase if you are expecting to get a replica of Duora 10 but cheaper because that does not match the reality…

The Duora 77 is a good racquet but fits into the range of rackets you find in the price range in which it is included.

Is it a beginner, intermediate or female player who does not have a super offensive style of play? If so, then you’ll probably like this racquet. If you are looking for a more offensive game racket and you press your opponent using force, then we recommend others such as Astrox 88D, Z-Force II or even Duora 10.

And so, did you know more about this racquet with our YONEX Duora 77 review, since its characteristics, if it is good to attack, defend, price, etc…?

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