yonex nanoflare 700 review

YONEX Nanoflare 700 Review

The YONEX Nanoflare series (which began shipping in early 2019) replaced Nanoray, which for many years has been widely used by doubles players as one of the best options on the market for those looking for a head-light racket.

These types of rackets are for a very specific player target so the opinions about them can vary significantly from person to person.

In this article we will do a Nanoflare 700 review, this being the top racket of this series and consequently the most expensive too …

It is noteworthy that it was also launched targeting women players, such as Carolina Marin and Intanon, two of the best players in the world today.

Here at Nanoflare 700 review, we will show you what some of the features of this racquet are, implemented technologies, pros, cons.

Ready? Let’s go then.

All About YONEX Nanoflare 700 Review

See below your specifications given by the manufacturer:

 Frame H.M. Graphite / M40X / SUPER HMG
 Shaft H.M. Graphite
 Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5,6
5U (Ave.78g) G5, 6
 Color Blue Green, Red

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Torayca M40X & Sonic Flare System

This is a new carbon fiber created by Torayca Industries which in theory is an improvement in terms of the strength and flexibility of the carbon fiber used previously.

It also has a system that YONEX says increases the power of the racket despite being head-light.

Aero Frame

Unlike the Astrox, the Nanoflare 700 has an Aero Frame that prioritizes the speed of its movements and the ability to cut the air more easily, being thinner at the ends rather than more square as in the Box Frames.

It is also worth mentioning that the frame despite being thinner than usual is also wider, which supposedly helps to improve further its ability to control.

yonex nanoflare 700

Isometric Form

By having this form, the spacing between the ropes is the same, which makes your beat is much more consistent even when it does not strike precisely in the center of the racket, thus significantly improving its control.

A badminton game is not just strength and smashes. If you do not have consistency in your game, you will lose all points even without the opponent using a smash.

Other features we can point to are:

  • Aero + Box frame;
  • Built T-Joint;
  • Slim Shaft;
  • Energy Boost Cap;

Now we’ll look at your performance across the various types of bids and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.



In this area, it seems that its performance is almost perfect. There was even an improvement in the distance reached in the most inexperienced players, perhaps because of the speed they can achieve in their movement because the racket is much lighter.

Nothing negative to point out with regard to clears.

Drop Shots

The drop shots are made very easily and due to the characteristics of the racket, the control also seems to be quite good as long as you use the proper technique.

If you are a player who is accustomed to other types of weight distribution on the racket you may find the timing strange and feel that it is always too early or late but this is normal and it is something that you can quickly get used to with some training.


The smashes are the Achilles heel of the vast majority of head-light rackets because of the lack of weight that is needed to make that smash fast and powerful, and the Nanoflare 700 is not an exception to that rule.

Some players may say that they like to make smashes with this racket and maybe even true … It all depends on your personal taste and game style. If you are not a super offensive player and prefer to do more smashes and have a flowing style of play at the same time, it can be a right racket for you.

In doubles, if you are the player at the front of the net, this is a potentially very good racket for you.


The biggest positive point of the Nanoray rackets has always been its speed due to light weight and aerodynamics and at this point, its successor does not disappoint.

Short and precise movements, change of handle, direction, all this is done with the greatest of facilities, which makes your game much more fluid and that can make counterattacks faster and unpredictable, which is usually very effective in a sport where one of the biggest goals is to unbalance the opponent.

YONEX Nanoflare 700

yonex nanoflare 700

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For a singles player, this racquet is hardly going to be ideal. The exception to the rule may be if you have a defensive style of play based on counter-attacks, something more common among female players.

In doubles, this is a racket preferably for the player who usually plays near the net because it is quite powerful in net kills and suitable for fast movements next to the net, however, the other player of the pair can also use, although he may feel some lack of firepower necessary to press the opposing team.

Is it a racket for beginners? In terms of features maybe, but if we take into account the price, it is likely that a beginner or a player who plays more casually badminton is not willing to spend so much money on a racquet and prefers a similar but cheaper alternative.

We always recommend that you try the racquet you want to buy beforehand whenever possible, either through a friend who lent you his or even in a tournament where you have some rackets to try if this is possible, because this way you can evaluate the racquet and see if it fits your style of play or not.

And so, did you know more about this racquet with our YONEX Nanoflare 700 review, since its characteristics, if it is good to attack, defend, price, etc…?

Please leave a comment below or comment on any comments you may have after reading the article.

YONEX Nanoflare 700 Review
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